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New Wave


Blast Some Big Beach Flavours

When you hear that old song it takes you right back to the good times. We think a beer can do the same. Some egghead psychologist might say that’s because we’re wired to associate the feedback from our five senses with the experiences we share, and the people we make memories with. In that case, take a big sip, take note of exactly where you are, and more importantly, who’s with you.

One of our Core Brews

New Wave


A malty but very hoppy ale with big flavours from German and Ontario hops.

Pairings New Wave

6.0% ABV

50 IBU

Puerto Elguino


Idle & Coast


Slo Pitch


Road Closure

Red Ale

Best Coast


Angry Wiener

Oktoberfest Ale

Slight Delay

Double IPA

Ol' Gilly

Cream Ale

Berry Blonde

Blonde Ale

Vanilla Coffee Porter